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Who We Are

About Us
Strong bonds are built with great care.  

We know that the bond between you and your horse is special – it’s a partnership built on mutual trust.
Our mission is to continually strengthen that bond with simple,  effective and innovative horse care solutions that help make every  moment of your life together safer, healthier and more enjoyable. Widely  recognized as the leader in quality horse care products, Meadow Medics offers  an ever-expanding range of equine essentials. These include fly &  insect control, dewormers, grooming, hoof & leg care, wound care  treatments, leather care, stable supplies and nutritional supplements.

As we mark our 70th anniversary, we’re proud to be your continuing  partner in horse care. We know how special you and your horse are to  each other. That’s why we’re in the business...we’re horse people too  and love to share our equine partnerships with you. Enjoy a few special  moments shared between Meadow Medics team members and their equine partners  below.

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